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Cherry Creek Country Club


Cherry Creek Country Club

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As you pass through the gates, you immediately feel you have stepped into another world – away from the noise and pace of the city.  Throughout Cherry Creek Country Club’s sixteen year history, Karen Hart has influenced every detail of the community’s evolution and development.  Her vision to create a world-class experience for members and residents in a unique, urban setting remains stronger than ever.  


Continuing a golf legacy that extends back three generations for her family, her personal commitment to the entire community is simply contagious.    At the center of Cherry Creek CC are the meticulously defined fairways designed by the Jack Nicholas team who return periodically to ensure the course retains its unique experience.   Karen shared her personal mission that the entire staff “are committed to letting our members guide us, instead of pushing back to protect our heritage -  always looking forward for ways to enhance our member’s experience.”  


Architecturally, the Cherry Creek CC offers a blended collection of heirloom residences reflecting both old-world craftsmanship as well as a selection of homes with a more contemporary appeal.   The meandering streets add to that perfect balance of open fairways bordered by extraordinary properties.


Every potential member has the unique opportunity to visit with Karen Hart personally to ensure their interests align with the Country Club’s extensive lifestyle options.  From the expansive fitness and wellness center to the stunning clubhouse, every detail is designed to enhance and exceed the member’s experience.   For an urban Country Club with only a 16-year heritage, Cherry Creek CC is already setting the standard for providing a world-class experience.




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